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Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

28 Dec

I’am Sitting in my bed right now.

Almost two years had passed, and I just celebrated my second Christmas here in Dubai. Having a slight guilt feeling of not attending the Christmas Mass twice, I somehow manage to celebrate Noche Buena with my friends – Thank God for the usual sumptuous meal & gift giving tradition + a killer “soap-opera-ish” photo op, this special eve wouldn’t be fun & almost complete at all. But then, I felt sad for other people, especially with the parents who left their families back home. In a world where you end up doing the same routine everyday, I kinda forgot how its like to miss someone far away (and oh I’m not saying that I don’t miss my family & friends at all). Sometimes when loneliness struck me, I try not to be pessimistic about it instead, be thankful that I still have a pretty normal life (with my sucky job) way ahead of me.

And now, I’m here Waiting again.

Only a few days left, this year will soon to end and another new year will about to start. Time came by too fast, and we barely noticed it; Then again, I had learned a lot of things, met new people, befriended & hangout with a lot of people, been to places, wasted a lot of my energy and some money, whine everyday with my job, learned how to accept my job, appreciated more little things in life, became more sensitive with life, accepted some painful truth & the fact that we can’t have it all in a same time and most of all, not to rot thinking about my future & at least try to be as laid back from my usual ways as possible.

I’m Wishing.

I don’t know what will happen next year. For now, all I know is that I’m sick of laying a strict plan for myself. (but still I’ll have to stick to some of them). Maybe I’ll try to be more patient with my life right now. Or maybe…let’s see what will happen.