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Trapped Emotions

26 Oct

We yearn so much about everything in this world, frequently questioning how other people makes it so easy to live.

Suppressed emotions can turn into a deadly poison which most of the times led to suicides.

Suicidal attempt is a selfish act; taking your life, which has been a part of the another person, is totally unfair.

Problem of the heart is the deadliest of all. It can make one part of our brain to not function at all.

Money buys everything. They said money is the root of all evil, but the true evil is how money will control and damage our morality.

People can be intoxicating all the time, especially those who are closest to us. Fact is we cannot satisfy each and everyone of them.

In order to survive the jungle, we have to save ourselves. Thinking of yourself first before others may sounds superior, but the truth is, its the only way to survive this so-called life.

I want to dive deep into the ocean, this way I can release all these sadness;

or be lost in the middle of the desert;

or take a walk on a breezy afternoon by the bay;

or run into fields of grass and lie down under the tree.

…..or just want to go home early now to enjoy a nice sleep! :)