Strange Condition

15 Feb

I bet this could be the epitome of my most saddest of sad moments in life. First I was dumped (not literally dumped but it felt like being rejected for real) by this guy who’s current status was still in a relationship of which many already had thoughts that their end is about to near, and thus gave me this spark of hope of trying to intrude his heavy heart turned out to be the opposite of what I was wishing of. Second, this whole heart pain kinda added to my heavy burden of self-esteem which made me wonder what went wrong with my life? Is this just a part of my fate or I simply missed or bypassed those chances that I could have done something to improve my well-being on each and every turning point I had? Or is it with my family genes that I acquired these weak traits and instead of fighting, I got sucked into this sadness which made me more buried underground. These past few months, I had been battling with my inner turmoil, gone ups and more downs, ends up loosing my mind all over and over again. I contemplate everyday over this matter, I need to regain my energy to move on and start living the Life that I really want. But this would probably take time. The least I can do right now is help myself get out of this rabbit hole, run away from this trap and save myself from falling once again.

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