Weekend Artwork #3

10 Dec

Should have been posted this months ago. Painting session at flat 501 together with Ella & Mac and Phep’s Squad Jam.

My colorful ‘Dubai’ impression..

Ella and Phepai.

Ella’s Scream…

Phep’s Mermaid…or a Merman



8 Nov

I’m quite moved when I heard this song played during the final hours of NU yesterday.

Dark as roses, fine as sand Feel your healing and your sting again I hear you laughing and my soul is saved On forgotten graves you cry

Crawl like ivy up my spine Through my nerves and into my eyes Cuts like anguish Or recollections of better days gone by

But it’s all right When you’re caught in pain And you feel the rain come down It’s all right When you find your way Then you see it disappear It’s all right Though your garden’s grey I know all your graces Someday will flower In the sweet sunshower

Eyes like oceans so far away A feather trail to a better way Worried mornings turn into days Then into worried nights

But it’s all right When you’re all in pain And you feel the rain come down Oh it’s all right When you find your way Then you see it disappear Oh it’s all right Though your garden’s grey I know all your graces Someday will flower Oh in the sweet sunshower Oh in the sweet sunshower In the sweet sunshower

I know all your graces Someday will flower In the sweet sunshower And it’s all right All you’ll be you are today Are today It’s all right All you’ll be you are today Are today………

Chris Cornell


Trapped Emotions

26 Oct

We yearn so much about everything in this world, frequently questioning how other people makes it so easy to live.

Suppressed emotions can turn into a deadly poison which most of the times led to suicides.

Suicidal attempt is a selfish act; taking your life, which has been a part of the another person, is totally unfair.

Problem of the heart is the deadliest of all. It can make one part of our brain to not function at all.

Money buys everything. They said money is the root of all evil, but the true evil is how money will control and damage our morality.

People can be intoxicating all the time, especially those who are closest to us. Fact is we cannot satisfy each and everyone of them.

In order to survive the jungle, we have to save ourselves. Thinking of yourself first before others may sounds superior, but the truth is, its the only way to survive this so-called life.

I want to dive deep into the ocean, this way I can release all these sadness;

or be lost in the middle of the desert;

or take a walk on a breezy afternoon by the bay;

or run into fields of grass and lie down under the tree.

…..or just want to go home early now to enjoy a nice sleep! :)

Weekend Artwork #2

5 Sep

‘Lady Gaga’ inspired flower. Just don’t mind the dirty thought in your head…..it’s an orchid!

Home alone on a Wednesday

14 Jul

Seriously, I was pretty tired of going to work and then not being productive at all. These past few weeks no new projects arrived, so we were like there waiting for whatever needs to be done; then after that one tiny task, the rest of the day is all ours doing just about anything we could think of and that is  so freaking driving me crazy. And so today, I’ve decided not to go, and just stay here and relax to watch gossip girl or later I can continue reading my book. Anyway, I took some shots around the apartment this morning and took advantage of nice lighting here.

Start-off the day with a fine breakfast in bed.

that cow peeping…

window side table..with stuff & eroll’s frame (kim’s boy)

one of kim’s awesome paintings.

a Christmas sock hanged for ages…

empty wine bottles on display….outside is the Lotus Hotel apartments.

ette’s awesome painting.

guitar remedy-duct tape..

nice colorful ice trays from ikea.

D’urban Life

13 Jul

I just moved in to a new flat in Deira last weekend. Here’s a glimpse of who’s & what’s inside..

a peek outside the room.. I’ll try to take more shots on the other side.

handle with bear! :)

soo cute!

kim with her new toy…

officially my new room mates!

playmate ets

Nomadic Lifestyle

12 Jul

Another place, another chapter, another beginning.

It’s been quite a while since my last blog. Well, things had kept me running busy these past few months. Life in the desert can be tough especially when you’re on your own without any relatives to rely on. Good thing I had, and made new friends here; those who can be trusted amongst the many Kabayans who I can’t even stand to deal with.

Each developed city in this world has its own standards of life depending on the cost and style it cater to the ones who live within. Dubai was one of them. Who would even thought that this humble town along the creek, would turned out into a developed oasis with the all the biggest sh*tty anything anyone could think of. In the span of not more than 20 years (Shanghai was still way ahead of their rapid progress), those simple Bedouin mud houses with wind catchers had developed into these grand Villas, and soon enough, Towers had risen out of nowhere. With such progress, rent prices went high. But compare to Europe, many ex-pats still find it more cheaper here (especially the Brits) than that of their hometowns. And how about us Asians? Demographics here shows that more than half was made of people from the poorest countries in Asia, at most including us Filipinos.

Affording to rent a whole unit would totally cost almost half or more than of what we earn. Anyone earning more here compare back home, would at least wanted a nice homey place to stay within. Before, I wasn’t really expecting how starting out in here could be as pathetic as living in a small box. So since I had no one to share a room with, I had no choice but to dwell ala ‘estudyante’ bedspacer with 5 more people sleeping in bunk beds as if we are staying in a temporary shelter; hoping on each counting days for things to get better until to find a more descent place to stay. I remember back college days that my boarding room was actually bigger than my own place here. So I learned how to live like this for the past 2 years jumping from one place to another, bearing no permanent address. I just keep on thinking that this is just a part of what life teaches me, going outside my comfort zone would mean taking a rugged road first before getting into a paved one. Working harder and setting up a goal is good plus keeping up with a strong faith will make us survive here.

Just days ago I moved into this new place, with well, a nicer view & friends I can hang around all the time. Now I’m feeling I’ll able to get a permanent address here….finally. :)